Our crew is dedicated to smart business video

Ross R. Mason CEO of Motion Media Solutions
Ross | Video Coach

A natural born early adopter, Ross imagines, then encourages business professionals engaging online video.

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Jay | Videographer

At ease in the cockpit at 10,000 feet, Jay pilots cameras on business video production sessions. In 2013, Jay was chosen by China to produce a portfolio of cultural images promoting tourism.

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David Miner
David | Creative Designer

A talented musician, producer, graphic designer and video editor, David blends video, music & design into powerful  business video presentations.

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GiGi | Makeup

Experienced with Academy Award winners, presidents and top cover girl models, GiGi creates the best look for business professionals.

Kyle Spradley portrait image for Motion Media Solutions
Kyle | Director of Photography

Kyle Spradley is a seasoned videographer who has helped produce infomercials, episodic television programs, and smart business video.

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Damon Crump videographer shoots for Motion Media Solutions
Damon | Videographer

Damon has won local & national awards for television commercials, corporate videos, short films and full-length feature films.

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