Admit it. You’d rather have…a root canal!

Many business professionals tell us they want to see themselves on video about as much as they want a root canal! Yet, more and more are recognizing the significant power of using online video to present yourself. Let’s look at the metrics.

This¬†press release from digital polling service ComScore says that an average of over 170 million people watch online video every month – a number that’s remained practically constant since 2009. Those people – all 170 million of them – watched an average of 15 hours of video in April. So, in the last month alone, internet users collectively watched over two and a half billion hours of video online.

To give some perspective on how much time that is: 2.5 billion hours is close to 300,000 YEARS of time spent just watching videos on the internet. In one month. And that’s just internet users in the U.S.

Even more surprising is the fact that not all of that time was spent watching videos of Lady Gaga or cats – video sharing sites are being used as resources for information as well as entertainment. YouTube continually ranks as the second most-used search engine on the internet, controlling more than 30 percent of all search engine queries. So what does that mean? It means that internet users are now more likely to go to YouTube rather than Google when looking for information or a product. By having a video for your business on YouTube, you can take advantage of this growing advertising market to get you in front of the maximum amount of potential customers that are already in a need state when they’re exposed to your business.

Additionally, internet video has been proven to be more effective at generating online business. According to the BIA Kelsey research group, internet users are 30%-40% more likely to seek out more information after watching a video, and 14% more likely to make a phone inquiry. This is because when users go online for information, they expect to see video. The internet has become saturated with video: over 48 hours of it are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Every major corporation and political candidate uses video made specifically for an online audience to maintain visibility. Using video on the internet has become a necessary step in promoting your business.

I’m not going to act like this is a trade secret. Like I said above, over 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute – and that’s just one video sharing site. It seems like nearly everyone is buying into the power of online video. As a consequence of that, the Internet is saturated with video.

For every viral hit, there are hundreds of thousands of videos that barely anyone sees. Now, you can’t ever guarantee that a video will be a big sensation. But, you can increase your chances. Which is why we syndicate every video we make across multiple locations on the web. We do this because making your video easier to find makes you easier to find; properly submitted videos are 53 times more likely to get you on the first page of a Google search than plain text.

We hope that we can equip you with the tools to get your video noticed.

Ross R. Mason
CEO & founder | Motion Media Solutions
Ross R. Mason is CEO & founder of Motion Media Solutions, producing online videos for business professionals, nonprofit organizations and corporations. His blog, engaging:VIDEO is a series of notes about using online video to present yourself. Read more about Ross...
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