DATA integration + VIDEO production

DATA integration drives real business value, especially when used in video production to produce individualized versions of VIDEO.

The basic concept is that a single VIDEO is individualized through data integration, making it possible to produce multiple versions of the same VIDEO efficiently and effectively.
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To see an example of DATA integration with VIDEO production, click the video above to 02:00.
Recently we produced a video for the School Pipeline Safety Partnership, providing information and guidance to school administrators, safety officials, bus drivers and other staff at schools located near underground pipelines.
Member schools receive access to school pipeline safety pages which include a map showing the location of the pipeline, an emergency contact number, information about the pipeline and what it transports, and contact information for local pipeline and school personnel. Schools are encouraged to print a copy of the information on their web page and to assure that the information is incorporated and referenced in their safety and evacuation plans.
The VIDEO on each school’s web page provides education about pipeline safety & awareness. While much of the VIDEO is universal, it individually demonstrates resourceful information available on the School Pipeline Safety Page, such as an aerial map showing the approximate location of the nearby pipeline.
School Pipeline Safety Page Sample using Big DATA

DATA integration Sample School Pipeline Safety Page

The solution was an integration between the Partnership’s database of 725 member schools and the graphic design & motion graphic software tools used to edit the VIDEO.  Data from each school’s profile is used to populate predefined fields within an Adobe Illustrator design file, batch rendering identical replicas for each member school’s web page on These “.ai” files are then sequentially displayed in multiple instances within the VIDEO using a batch automation tool within Adobe After Effects, as each VIDEO version is rendered out by Adobe Media Encoder.

Box displaying Pipeline Information Sample with Big DATA

Big DATA Sample Pipeline Information Box

The result is an efficient & cost-effective production of 725 VIDEOS, individualized for each member school!

This VIDEO production process with DATA integration enables quarterly maintenance of all member school VIDEOS to address inevitable changes to the database, such as when school administrator or pipeline operator names, phone numbers or other contact information is changed.
This example of integrating DATA integration and VIDEO illustrates real business value.
Similar applications can be defined whenever companies or business professionals need to produce individualized versions of VIDEOS, such as:
  • targeted promotional VIDEOS
  • targeted advertising VIDEOS
  • personalized educational VIDEOS
  • About Us VIDEOS versioned to feature company locations
  • high-quality franchisor VIDEOS, adapted for individual franchisees
  • realtor VIDEOS versioned to feature multiple property listings for sale
  • apartment complex VIDEOS featuring varying units available for rent
  • safety VIDEOS reinforcing specific policies & procedures
If you need to produce multiple versions of videos, especially a high quantity of videos tailored to specific circumstances in your business, integrating DATA integration into the video production process is likely to be the most efficient and effective way!
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