Services for Texas Video Production

The Benefits of Professional Video Production

The benefits of professional video production are endless

Video usage used to be limited to huge brands and media outlets who could afford it. It was mainly used commercially for TV, film, documentaries and even infomercials. With the internet playing a huge role, video is a huge source of data consumption. As the internet gets faster and devices become more advanced, video will continue to grow and eventually become the main source for information.

Everyone Is Watching Video

How much video do you watch? Do you realize there is a transition from TV to online video happening? According to New York Times Video Study, Most Boomers still watch TV but 34% of Millennials (people born between 1980 – 2000) watch all online video…no TV. We believe this is a trend that will continue. As technology changes and devices get faster, online video will continue to grow into the dominant source for information, marketing and entertainment. How will you reach your audience?

Different Types of Videos

One of the reasons online video is doing so well is because of the different types of videos. As a small business, you could create several kinds of online videos to market and advertise with like;

  • Live Demos. Demonstrate how to use a product.
  • Photo Montages. Video Photo Slideshow
  • Live Webcast. Live streaming of an event
  • Video Testimonials. Recorded video of your clients giving you praise.
  • Animated Video. Animation and motion graphics to explain your story.

Professional Video Vs. Amateur Video

Services for Texas Video Production

Professional Video Production Crew

You have to decide how you are going to create and produce your video. You can let the professionals do it, outsource it to some unknown or even try it yourself. Are you doing something simple and fun like an Ice Bucket Challenge? Doing the video yourself is totally fine. The problem with outsourcing video production to low cost, usually overseas agencies is the quality normally isn’t great and you end up with errors like improper grammar usage and misspellings. If your video is for a business and its purpose is to present a specific product or service, you should consider a professional video production. Perhaps, your trying to add value to your business by creating video profiles of your executives. You may want to hire models and actors to showcase the latest greatest thing you’ve created. We’ve made the process extremely simple. We can collaborate with you and handle the entire video production from logistics to script writing. We can also offer you fast and easy video production where we’ll give you 90 minutes and a video coach and your video is ready in a week.

Professional video production is the best way to present yourself, your company, your brand and your product. There are higher cost associated with having a professional video. How your potential clients and investors perceive you is the first step towards doing business with your company. Remember, the first impression is usually the lasting impression. How do you want to present yourself? Contact us for a free consultation.



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